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Summer Full Day Camps

Registration Information


EJRP utilizes an online registration format to alleviate long lines and wait time. Families will have two weeks to fill out an electronic “Request for Registration” form. You must complete a separate form for each child you’re intending to register. The order of when the form is completed will have no effect on registration status. The link to the “Request for Registration” form will be available January 23-February 3.

Please note: Completing the request for registration form does not, in any way, guarantee your child a spot in one of EJRP’s Full Day Licensed Summer Camps.

After the two week request period closes, EJRP will enroll families based on their childcare credit score. Each child will receive:

  • One participation credit for each week of Camp Maple Street, Camp REACH, Camp Discovery and Camp STAR attended last summer (maximum of 9 credits).
  • One participation credit for each day of the week regularly scheduled for Rec Kids Afterschool (maximum of 5 credits).
    • Camp STAR- participants will retain the number of participation credits they received from their 5th grade year at Rec Kids.
  • 5 participation credits for students who attend Summit, Hiawatha, Fleming, Essex Elementary, or Founders. Proximity of the child’s school will determine for which camps they will receive priority registration.
    • Founders and Essex Elementary students will have priority of Camp Discovery and Camp REACH at Essex Elementary.
    • Summit, Fleming, and Hiawatha students will have priority of Camp Maple Street and Camp REACH at Fleming

Each child’s total credits will be calculated — families with multiple children will be enrolled based on the child with the greatest number of credits in the household — and EJRP will begin calling families who have completed the request for registration form to enroll their children in order of their participation credits beginning February 8. A minimum deposit for each child is required (equivalent to two weeks of fees) at the time of registration. The only exception to this requirement is for families who currently qualify for subsidy through Child Care Resource.


If you would like to enroll your child in other EJRP specialty camps that take place during the week that your child is enrolled in one of our full day summer camps, you will receive a 25% discount for these specialty camps. You must register and pay for these camps separately and in person/over the phone to receive the discount. For on-site programs at Maple Street Park/ADL, our staff will escort your child to and from camp if they are attending Camp Maple Street or Camp STAR. For on-site programs at the Founders/Essex Middle School locations, our staff will escort your child to and from camp if they are attending Camp Discovery. For off-site programs, parents/guardians will be responsible for getting their child to and from the camp. Exception: Camp Maple Street and Camp Discovery participants may not enroll in an additional swim lesson outside of their camp lesson during the day. Summer Camp and Swim brochure will be released in early March.


Registration for non-Essex families will open at 8am on Wednesday, March 8 and can be completed online or over the phone. When registering online, payment is due in full. If you wish to set up a payment plan with a minimum deposit for each child equivalent to two weeks of fees, you must call our office, speak with a staff member and sign and return the payment contract.


  • If you are registered for two weeks or fewer, your balance must be paid in full within one week of registration.
  • If you are registered for more than two weeks, the equivalent to two weeks of fees per camper must be paid within one week of registration and the rest can be paid at a later date.
  • Half of the remaining balance due must be paid by April 14 and the full balance by June 9.
  • All Payment Plans will follow the above schedule, regardless of the date that you register.
  • Payments can be made at your convenience, so long as the amount due is paid by the correct target dates above.
  • Failure to fulfill your Payment Plan will result in the participant(s) being removed from the program roster. Re-enrollment will be subject to availability.


All cancellation requests must be made in writing at least three weeks prior to the first day of camp in order to receive a refund (minus an administrative fee).
If you cancel with less than three weeks’ notice, a refund (minus an administrative fee) will only be issued if ALL of the following are true: A) the program is full and your cancellation opens up a spot that was not previously available, B) there is an existing waitlist, and C) EJRP is able to offer, and another family accepts, the open spot in the program. The following administrative fee will be assessed for each week that is cancelled:

Date of CancellationAdministrative Fee
Before April 14


From April 14 up to 3 weeks prior to start of camp         10%
2 weeks prior to start of camp*15%
1 week prior to start of camp*20%
Less than one week prior to start of camp*25%

*The three criteria above MUST be met.

Note: The Administrative fee is NOT covered by Child Care Resource.